Use the right money services app for your online transactions

Use the right money services app for your online transactions

An e-wallet is a financial account that enables you to make instant transactions. Most e-wallets have the capacity to send and receive funds. There are e-wallets that only function for e-banking and others that are exclusive for person-to-person transactions. There are indeed limits when using those kinds of apps that only have one function.


Be organized

When you have various financial apps, it can be disorganized. You’ll have to make a person-to-person transfer with a payment app and yet use another one to send money via bank transfer. It is far better to use just one app that has the features of accessing various financial accounts such as that of your bank so that you can stay on top of your financial situation.

Money services app

There is a money services app that provides you with access to your financial accounts and has the advanced payment solutions. These solutions make the money services app a secure payment system as there is no need to key-in sensitive information. It addresses the requirements of both business and personal accounts. It also serves as an e-wallet.

Domestic and international transactions 

The various transactions that most people do include wire transfer and bank-to-bank transfers. These fund transfers are either domestic or international. For international funds transfers, it is difficult to find an app that does the task of initiating the movement of the funds. With this money services app, it is easy to initiate fund transfers. All you need is to download this reliable money services app, then you will see the option that is as easy as sending an email to make both local and international transfers.

USD or EUR debit card

This money services app can also provide you with a USD or EUR debit card. It is good to use a debit card for online payments. This prepaid card can also be funded. This prepaid debit card is perfect for those who want to spend in dollars or Euro and accept payments in those currencies.

Pay with ease

When you need to download an app to make online payments, level it up by using the right money services app. You can get to pay with ease in so many ways, such as making wire transfers while using your mobile device. Plus, the remittance capacity of its person-to-person app makes it more convenient than the popular ones, as you can be able to send money for free. It also enables you to send money to nearly anyone in most places in the world.

Have peace of mind

We all are concerned about online security as we often have to key-in our account details to make a transaction. This money services app provides a secure way to pay as it will not be necessary to expose online sensitive information such as credit card details. We no longer have to settle for apps that have limited functionality, as we can have peace of mind when we use secure payment systems such as this money services app.